Rural Livelihoods 1

Handicap International in Laos is a special branch given that it runs programs for beneficiaries who are both affected by UXO and remote, rural poverty. I was recruited as a Communications consultant to design a series of IEC tools and learning materials.

The Victims Assistance and Support unit required highly visual learning materials to cater for disadvantaged groups whose literacy was rated low. The materials focused on specific income generating farming activities that could help alleviate poverty, integrate persons with disabilities into meaningful work, and generally allow villages to thrive throughout the year.

I used the concept of a cyclical visual calendar with icons denoting the different seasons and labour required for each activity. The circle was favoured by my clients because time is not linear in Laos. The calendars were accompanied by little booklets for project facilitators to use in the field.

This project was shared with other NGOs working in development and rural livelihoods sectors of Laos. As a result, I was recruited by another agency to do the same thing for different agricultural subjects (including livestock, poultry and diverse vegetables).

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