Rural Livelihoods 2

Maintenance Cycle Pig LR 2_Page_1

Maxwell Stamp, a consultancy agency managing the Social Protection and Sustainable Livelihoods (SPSL) project, which operates under the Lao-Australia Rural Livelihoods programme, required training tools and materials for use in the field.

Elaborating on the concept of a cyclical visual calendar from the previous consultancy with Handicap International, I re-employed my communication and design skills to produce a new set of training materials ranging from raising livestock such as pigs, goats and poultry to caring for a Home Garden.

Pig Care & Risks LR_Page_2

Goat EMP v4 Lao Eng_Page_1

Poultry Risks 2 LR_Page_2

Maintenance Cycle HG LR 2_Page_1

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