Showreel 2010

This is an old piece of work I found in the treasure trove of archives. Basically, it served as a promotional showreel, displaying many of the video projects I’d worked on up until 2010.

Many of the videos were collaborative and experimental. My colleagues and I developed innovative solutions from hacking everyday items and cameras (i.e. to create a “fan camera”) that would give the film a special look and feel, as though it was shot on 35mm film (we didn’t quite have the funds to buy such quality). The hacking would later become a theme in my work- appropriating existing technology to create truly never-been-seen-before works of design and art.

SomeĀ of these projects also required extensive craft ability. For some of the film sets, we spent months researching and collecting materials that we would then alter to decorate the set. We were meticulous, poor, and extremely creative.

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